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Learn Chinese Online

A selection of materials for learning 普通话 online, i.e. Modern Standard Chinese.

Dictionaries and Translation

Courses and Textbooks

from English

  • ABCs of Chinese – the radical way to learn Chinese characters through smaller building blocks
  • Mandarin – learn all about the Mandarin Chinese Language
  • BBC Chinese Course – learn Chinese with free online lessons
  • Chineasy – a new and easy way to learn reading Chinese through building blocks
  • ChinesePod – a high-quality podcast for learning Mandarin Chinese (paid)
  • LearnYu – learn Chinese with an intelligent digital assistant inspired by Khan Academy and Duolingo
  • Skritter – multi-platform application for learning how to write Chinese and Japanese characters (Android, iOS)
  • Wikibooks Chinese (Mandarin) – a free textbook on Standard Mandarin (both traditional and simplified characters)
  • Yabla Chinese – an authentic way to learn Chinese via video immersion
  • Yoyo Chinese – learn Chinese through online video lessons

from Russian


Online Games

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