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Learn Greek Online

A selection of materials for learning ελληνικά online, mostly for Modern Greek.

Overviews and Lists

Dictionaries and Translation

  • Kypros-Net Lexicon – a Greek-English-Greek dictionary
  • Lexilogos Greek – search in multiple dictionaries and web translators to and from Greek
  • Linguee Greek – find real usage of whole phrases in Greek documents and websites, translated to multiple languages
  • Logos Conjugator Greek – conjugation tables of Modern Greek verbs
  • Neurolingo Lexiscope – a compound language tool that clarifies the uses of Modern Greek words, providing information about their orthography, morphology, syllabification, synonyms, antonyms, and any known expressions that they may feature in.
  • WordReference English-Greek – αγγλοελληνικό λεξικό

Courses and Textbooks

Various online courses and (digital) textbooks teaching the modern Greek language in various levels.

Completely in Greek



Greek Websites

  • ComedyLab – a popular website with fun videos and comedy series in Greek
  • SoComic – a popular blog with cartoons and web comics in Greek

Online Games

Understanding Old Greek

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