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Learn Languages Online

A short selection of my favourite places for online language learning and linguistic exploration. In case you are looking for language-specific tips and notes, please have a look at the respective tag page on this wiki.

Overviews and Lists

Dictionaries and Translation

Courses and Learning Portals


  • 101 Languages: Free FSI Courses – by the U.S. Foreign Service Institute
  • Anki (and AnkiWeb) – remember things effectively through spaced repetition
  • BBC Language Courses – free online lessons to learn and study various languages
  • Bliu Bliu – learn a language by joining a 30-day challenge
  • Duolingo – learn languages through translating phrases and sentences
  • HelloTalk – a mobile application (Android, iOS) for language learning
  • InnovativeLanguage – learn a language online with free audio and video lessons, and applications
  • Language Transfer – free audio courses using the “Thinking Method”
  • Lexicum – effectively learn vocabulary in context through spaced repetition
  • LingoHut – learn basic communication skills in a new language for free
  • – language learning to match your interests and your life
  • Loecsen – learn to speak a new language by comparing it with another
  • Memrise – remember things effectively through spaced repetition
  • Mondly Languages – play your way to a new language over bite-size lessons and conversational modules
  • Speak and Learn Project – a mobile application (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile) for language learning
  • Speaky – instantly practice languages with people around the world
  • Babbel – master new languages through courses with a world-class didactic method at their core
  • FluentU – learn a foreign language with videos
  • italki – a language learning social network that connects students and language teachers
  • Kwiziq – an artificial intelligence language coach
  • LingQ – learn languages with authentic content through the TheLinguist method
  • Mango Languages – online language learning for organisations and individuals
  • Radiolingua – learn a language on your coffee break
  • Transparent Language – language-learning software and online courses
  • Verbling – affordable online language classes and private tutoring
  • WordDive – innovative language learning method personalised by AI
  • Yabla – language immersion through authentic videos

Guides to Language Learning

Online Games

  • Ba Ba Dum – play and learn words in multiple languages
  • Clozemaster – a game for sentence-based and contextual language learning
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