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Welcome to the personal wiki of Stefan Marinov. For licensing information, please make sure you read thoroughly the Copyright Notice and all contents linked therein. In order to go back to the main website, just follow this: Stefan Marinov | "Exploration through intelligent machinery."

Some Useful Shortcuts

Please note that the pages themselves don't necessarily indicate explicitly which language they are written in. If you can't understand the title and/or content of a page, just move along. Of course, you are free to try to deduce what any of the texts in this wiki is all about, e.g. by using online dictionaries, translators, or other webpages as reference for comparison. :)

Nevertheless, the “main” language should be one of English, German, Bulgarian, or Esperanto. For a full overview, please feel free to have a look at the sitemap, or the list of all currently available tags on this wiki.

Have fun exploring! :)

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